Burning Fluid Burners

Burning fluid burners were made to fit existing lamps since the fuel appeared in the mid 1800’s. However, some lamps were specifically made to burn these fuels.

As seen in the pictures below, burning fluid burners were made of pewter with brass tubes to fit pewter lamp collars, or all brass for brass collar lamps. These burners differ from whale oil types in that the tubes protrude from the top of the burner and never go into the lamp. This was to keep heat away from the fuel. They can be found with one tube to as many as six tubes, with some having shade rings attached. The multi-tube burners have tubes angled away from each other to prevent extra heat from the flames heating up the lamp. Lastly, the burners had caps with chains on them to place over the tubes when the lamp was not in use, this was primarily due to the fuels would evaporate but could also be used to extinguish the flame.

Brass Fluid Burners
Pewter Fluid Burners
Shade Holder Burners