Burning Fluid Lamps

Burning Fluid Lamps have more to do with their burners than the lamps themselves. Therefore you will notice on this page many of the lamps shown are similar in appearance to whale oil lamps. However, some lamps were specifically made to burn these fuels

Burning Fluid is a mixture of turpentine and alcohol, and a very dangerous fuel that could explode if not handled properly. Even then, it could catch fire spontaneously because of the low flash-point. The term Burning Fluid covers an array of mixtures that were produced to burn. These lamps (or burners) are also commonly referred to as camphene types but camphene is turpentine with no alcohol mixed.

Please see the Burners page for more information and pictures of these types of burners.

Brass Burning Fluid Lamps
Glass Burning Fluid Lamps